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3D Assets Manipulation (2D to 3D Model) Services

Transform your 2D to 3D models with GaminVista's expert 3D asset manipulation service. Make your ideas come alive with immersive visuals. Contact us today!

3D Assets Manipulation(2D to 3D model)Service

GaminVista's 3D asset manipulation service turns 2D to 3D models into stunning designs. Our talented designers and modelers will turn your concept art, sketches, or flat images into high-quality three-dimensional assets for a variety of applications.

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3D Assets Manipulation 2D to 3D Model - 3D Cartoon Printer

What Comes Under Our 3D Asset Manipulation (2D to 3D Model) Services? 

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  • Character Modeling

    After studying the project, we create detailed characters. As a top 3D modeling service provider, we integrate assets from various file formats into Unreal and Unity for better performance and memory usage.

  • Props Modeling

    According to scene requirements, our team makes various props. As a top 3D modeling service provider, we ensure prop quality and detail for their game role with our 3D design software.

  • Environment Modeling

    Our 3D modelers create multiple in-game environments and custom 3D prints. Our team creates in-game landscapes, cities, forests, foliage, and mountain ranges using the best references.

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  • Digital Twins

    Our team is skilled at building digital twins, gathering extensive data on the actual object using a variety of methods, accurately representing it, and enabling accurate simulations.

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    Product Modeling

    Our product models capture the shape, dimensions, features, and details of the object they reference and Convert image to 3D model. Our team iterates to meet expectations.

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    3D Models for AR/VR

    Gamin Vista When making AR and VR assets, 3D modelers balance visual accuracy with performance efficiency based on the platform. They do this by thinking about polygon count, texture resolution, and level of detail (LOD), and then representing the assets accurately so that simulations are accurate.

Our 3D Asset Manipulation (2D to 3D Model) Development Process 

Consultation and Requirements Gathering

Before we can do anything, we will consult with you regarding project goals, vision, and other relevant information. We will determine exactly what needs to be done for the 3D assets and gather reference materials, concept art, and other necessary data.

Conceptualization and Planning

Our artists and modelers will work together to conceptualize 3D assets based on 2D designs. We will decide how to approach the conversion process and determine which tools, techniques, and time frames are right for the task at hand.


We conduct research and analysis before modeling to better understand what needs to be done and create preliminary sketches or storyboards. Our artists will create basic geometry to help finalize the design direction.

Modeling and Sculpting

Our artists will use industry-leading 3D modeling software to start transforming 2D art assets into 3D models with great care and attention to detail. Artists will attempt to recreate artwork through careful geometry creation, texturing work, and surface detail.

Rigging and Animation (if required)

For deployed character or object animations, our artists will use multiple rigging and skeletal systems to give 3D models life and move them around. Our animators animate these different parts to create realistic movements or facial expressions for characters.

Texturing and Materials

We will use various textures and materials to make 3D models look more realistic to life and try to keep the original 2D artwork designs in mind. Artists will select and refine textures for types of mapping specific creation.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Our developers perform regular quality assurance checks throughout the asset creation process to ensure accuracy, client request and project scope, and through testing to find and fix any geometry, texturing, animations, or other issues and ensure no violations.

Client Review and Feedback

We update and solicit client feedback throughout development. Your feedback is essential to ensuring that the final 3D assets meet your needs and vision.


Our Expetise

In 3D Asset Manipulation (2D to 3D Model)

  • Realistic Art

    Being a top 3D modeling service provider, we create realistic art, capture details with accuracy in comparison to the real world, and convert images to 3D models. The 3D models we develop all have a realistic style that makes the users feel like they are immersed in a space in the real world.

  • Stylized Art

    Our 3D modelers create detailed, stylized models that deviate from accuracy but look good. We create detailed models based on genre conventions.

  • Hand Drawn Art

    We make hand-drawn art styles in games, painting over the textures of models to achieve a perfect look that is visually pleasing to gamers. As a leading 3D modeling service provider, our team maintains a consistent visual style customized to the game’s story and theme.

  • Cartoonish Art

    Like animation movies and classic games, our 3D modelers create cartoonish characters, props, and environments. We use excessive features, bright colors, simple shapes, etc. to match the game's style.

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    Low-Poly Art

    We intentionally use low polygon counts in our art. We emphasize minimalistic visuals to highlight this nuanced art style's majesty.

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    Voxel Art

    Our team creates unique voxel art that sets our games apart. Our experts have worked on multiple retro art projects and know how to apply them to games.

Benefits of Hiring 3D Assets Manipulation (2D to 3D Model) | GaminVista

Enhanced Visual Appeal

2D to 3D models add depth, realism, and visual appeal to 2D designs, captivating audiences and increasing user engagement.

Time and Cost Efficiency

GaminVista handles model conversion and refinement for 3Dassets manipulation, saving you time and money so you can focus on other project details.

Expertise and Quality

After years of experience in 3D modeling and asset modification, our talented professionals deliver meticulously crafted 2D to 3D models with the highest accuracy and detail.

Collaborative Approach

Open communication and collaboration are key to creating 3D models that exceed your expectations and match your vision. We incorporate your input and suggestions into the creation process.

Benefits of hiring GaminVista

Seamless Integration

Our 3D models are compatible with many platforms and applications, ensuring seamless integration into your projects without workflow delays.

Scalability and Flexibility

We can scale up or down for projects of any size or complexity, from a single 2D to 3D model to a big volume of assets.

Streamlined Workflow

Our rapid development process and workflow reduce turnaround times and provide finished 3D assets quickly, helping you fulfill project deadlines and launch projects on time.

Support and Maintenance

Beyond delivery, we provide continuous support and maintenance to keep your 3D assets updated, optimized, and functional, giving you piece of mind and long-term value.

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Frequently Asked Questions

3D assets manipulation involves generating, modifying, and converting 2D designs into 3D models for video games. Flat photos are converted into three-dimensional objects for usage in games using various methods and software to provide depth, texture, and realism.

Our specialized 3D modeling software convert 2D images to 3D models. The procedure begins with a simple shape, or mesh, that fits the 2D image silhouette. Artists then refine this mesh with features, textures, and colors to match the original image in three dimensions.

Many 2D images can be converted into 3D models, but the complexity and quality depend on the original image’s details and clarity. Without detail or complex perspectives, some images may require significant artistic input to interpret and model in three dimensions.

Rig and animate 2D-to-3D models. Rigging creates a model’s skeleton, and animation realistically moves it. This process allows 3D models to perform actions within the game environment.

The immersive, visually appealing environments and characters created by 3D asset manipulation enhance the gaming experience. The game’s visual storytelling is more engaging and believable with detailed and realistic 3D models.

Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max, and Blender are popular 3D asset manipulation programs. These asset creation tools are widely used in gaming to model, texture, and animate 3D models.

The time it takes to convert an image to a 3D model depends on its complexity and the level of detail needed. Complex conversions may take days or weeks, while simpler ones may take hours.

Game asset creation is flexible with 3D assets manipulation, but there are limitations. Game engine capabilities, hardware performance, and 3D artist skill limit the realism and complexity of the 3D model.

Successful 3D asset manipulation requires artistic and technical skills. Artists must know form, color, texture, and 3D modeling software. Knowledge of game development and 3D asset integration into game engines is helpful.

You can learn 3D asset manipulation yourself. Many online tutorials, courses, and communities teach 3D modeling and game asset creation. Starting with free software like Blender can help you learn 3D modeling basics and progress to more complex projects.

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